About the Fenders on Your Chevy S-10

Chevrolet created the S-10 in response to Japanese competition with respect to pickups. The S-10 quickly made its mark and secured its place in the pickup segment. It was affordable and could be easily configured. People thought of it as the truck for every man or woman who had little need for the towing and payload capabilities of a full-size pickup. For over 23 years the S-10 has been going strong. It continues to hold its place among small pickups and is as popular as ever. It is a well-known fact that people often choose a vehicle that resonates with their personality. The vehicle chosen says a lot about the person who drives it. People subconsciously buy items that say something about their personality. The big question is what message is being sent and how does the vehicle define the driver’s personality. Chevrolet owners are everyday people! They work hard, and they like an affordable and dependable car to get them from one destination to the next.

What People Like About the Chevy S-10

There are a number of things to like about the 2017 S-10. There is a lot of comfort available in the interior. Leather seats, cruise control, a power seat for the driver, MPS, and Bluetooth technology. People can stay connected and enjoy their music on a high level. The exterior offers some nice amenities as well. LED tail lights, optional running boards, and optional 17-inch aluminum wheels head up the list. The engine delivers enough power to get things done as well. You can opt for a diesel 2.8-liter engine.

Our GM Parts Warehouse

At GM Parts Warehouse, located at 1330 Old Country Road, Riverhead, New York, we provide an entire array of GM OEM parts and accessories. Our parts technicians are factory trained and they know Chevrolets like the back of their hand. When you call to order, you can rest assured that you will get the right part every time. You can also depend on a fast delivery and a quick response to any questions or concerns. We know how people love to keep their vehicles looking new and fresh regardless of the vehicle’s age, make, or model. While every vehicle comes off the assembly line looking fresh and clean, it is the accessories that can sometimes take the vehicle to its next level of enjoyment and pride of ownership. As such, we carry a host of maintenance parts including oil filters, belts and hoses, fuel filters, spark plugs, and wiper blades to name a few. We also carry accessories for cargo, floor mats, wheels, mud guards, roof racks, and an entire host of other items for both the exterior and interior. If you are looking for an S-10 fender, you have come to the right place.

What Do Fenders Actually Do?

Manufacturers design fenders to prevent mud, liquids, sand, nails, and other road items from being tossed into the air by rotating tires. Fenders have come a long way since the first ones made. Now, companies design them for both utility and looks. They actually make cars more aerodynamic and attractive looking. Grooves and grilles are additional features that improve both speed and appearance. Engineers also design fenders for safety. Modern fenders will crumple during a crash. This protects passenger by directing crash energy away from the passenger cabin. You have your choice of universal carbon fender flares, APS fender trim polished, Pilot Stainless steel fenders, street scene fender flares, VIS racing custom style, rear left and right wheel quarter flare, fender flare kits, and much more. If you have something in mind, just ask us. What we have seen in our experience is that Chevy owners are a creative bunch of people. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the parts and accessories to inspire such creativity. With your car looking and running great, the next best thing is to take it on road trips and show it off to the world.

Fun Places to Go and Things to Do in Riverhead, New York

As in anywhere in New York, there are a number of interesting things to see and experience in Riverhead. Jump in your S-10, hit the road, and visit the following places. The Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center offers fun for the entire family. Shop at Tanger Outlets, visit Martha Clara Vineyards, thrill at the Riverhead Raceway, and enjoy an afternoon of entertainment at the Suffolk Theatre. There are also two golf courses if you like getting out to play a round or two. There are also some interesting eateries in Riverhead. Try Jerry & the Mermaid, Farm Country Kitchen, Buoy One, Turkuaz Grill, Tweeds Buffalo Bar, and Lobster Roll Restaurant. The population of Riverhead is only 33,000 people.

Towns and Cities Near Riverhead

If you are passing through Riverhead, there are a number of close towns and cities to visit. These include, Ridge, Shirley, Medford, Selden, Terryville, Holtsville, Holbrook, and Lake Grove to name several. Each town has its own unique set of shops, restaurants, and venues of interest.

Keep Your Chevy S-10 Running Smoothly

Fenders and fender flares will make your S-10 look great while protecting other vehicles on the road. However, a good looking vehicle is nothing compared to a vehicle that runs great. It is the little maintenance things that count, like changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, checking the PVC valve, getting tune ups, replacing the spark plugs, servicing the transmission, checking the battery, and making sure the emission system is up to par. Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure your vehicle keeps providing you with reliable transportation. If you are not into repairing your own vehicle, make sure you have a reliable mechanic that you can trust. Chevrolet designed its vehicles to last for years with proper maintenance and care. Call us today for all GM parts and accessories. We are happy to answer any questions. Our parts are GM original equipment manufacturer parts. Our employees love what they do—and they love who they do it for.